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International University of Entreprenology's Principles, Value Creation, & Creed

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The Principles of Entreprenology are part of a living IUE library of experiential thoughts, reaction, and conversations documented and appended that will be changed as is necessary as our world evolves. The principles shown here are a core selection of what the Founder and current President speak of as “The Unteachable Skills”. These unteachable skills – and many more - are needed to accelerate and to sustain entreprenological success.

These skills – and the resultant principles – build the robust real-world platform upon which entreprenology is established. That’s the primary reason that we chose to feature them at this juncture. Over time, we have learned that the successful and/or success oriented entreprenologist taps into these principles daily. At the IUE, our approach to education for a creative life is to embed:

POSSIBILITIES – The ability to accept Possibilities is an indispensable natural capacity that allows one to take on the potential Possibilities associated with engineering a dream or vision into reality. To accept the Possibilities of creating something new:

  • be it fiscal, material, operational, regulatory, psychological, etc., and,

  • to face and manage any outcome up to and including loss of status and/or denunciation of character.2

CREATIVITY – The process of visualizing and developing a new product or service that did not exist prior to your having conceived it. Originating something to fill an existing gap.

IMAGINATION – Arguably one of the most important of all intrinsic skills. It allows you the freedom to discover, explore and go far beyond the outer reaches of human knowledge. It allows you to “boldly go where no man – or woman - has gone before.”

MOTIVATION – The internal mechanism that alerts you to the fact that something is worth doing and that YOU are the right person to do it.

INDEPENDENCE – The recognition that you not only have what it takes to do things on your own, but that, in many instances, you prefer doing so. “If there is an answer to be found, I will find it!”

COMMON SENSE – A phrase or expression most often associated with common sense is, “the ability to hear and listen to your inner-voice.” It is the personal inner guide that instinctively cautions you to “look both ways before you cross a busy street.” It is something you were taught, in all likelihood by your mother, that is the definition of common sense.

PERSPECTIVE – The point of view that you acquire, through your own unique accrual of knowledge and experience, from which you converse, discuss, offer opinions and/or support your ideas.

SIMPLICITY – Defining and working with fundamentals while simultaneously eliminating needless complexity. To put it in a phrase, “The fewer the moving parts, the less likely a costly breakdown becomes.”

OBSERVATION – The art of being wholly aware of that which exists with your immediate sphere of life and influence. Having a working knowledge of that which is taking place all around you.

PERSEVERANCE – If you fall 9 times, you have the will to get up 10 times. If you fall 10 times, you have the will to get back up 11 times if you must, and so on and so on. You get the idea. It is the intrinsic sense that says, “In spite of any odds you might perceive to the contrary, you SHALL eventually succeed!”


Value Creation Cycle

Your learning experience starts with YOU and your natural talents. Once clear about your value, you can connect by building relationships with others, which will, in turn, connect you to your external world of expectations and results in a highly practical and focused way.

This value creation cycle establishes Your Intrinsic and Explicit Value, boosting your confidence to achieve, while simultaneously expanding your potential to realize material success. Your success works best when you value your natural talents and your personal ability to succeed. It's a mindset for growth, starting with you. This mindset directs your development every day, helping you build appropriate relationships with customers and colleagues alike, while leveraging the total of your skills in creating the optimum performance level for your business. By learning new ways to excel, personally and professionally, it will be possible to have a positive influence on others, as well as determining how others will respond to you. As an entreprenologist, YOU are your business. As such, then, YOU are your brand. You and your business are virtually inseparable



  • I choose to be uncommon

  • It is my right to be creative and innovative if it is within me

  • I seek and embrace opportunity rather than settle for security

  • I will risk to dream … I will act to build

  • If it is my lot to fail, I shall rise again and again until I know the exhilaration of success

  • I can and will overcome all obstacles on the road leading ultimately to success

  • I prefer the challenge of life to the routine of existence

  • I choose the anticipation of fulfillment to the predictability of conformity

  • I embrace the life I feel within me here and now

  • I welcome the challenge of change and reject the outcome of complacency

  • I shall maintain my dignity despite all the challenges

  • It is my heritage to stand unafraid ... to think and act responsibly

  • It is my birthright to enjoy the rewards of honest effort

  • I have the ability to recognize, the compassion to care, and the wisdom to act appropriately for the benefit of the whole

  • This I believe and embrace …

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