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PhD vs PHD - The Four Levels of Management & The Artisan System

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

PhD vs PHD

As you read the information about our unique approach to entrepreneurship, you may be wondering about the background to PHD – our Professional Higher Doctorate – in Entreprenology.

The IUE is the ONLY institution that offers this credential aligned to the 4th Level of Management ... and that is the level of management that focuses on change which is the nature of the future!

Let’s take stock of an Academic approach: you would be sitting in a library or studying theory books to do so and taking several years to achieve deep knowledge which is not required to be a successful entreprenologist of a large business curated from your vision and purpose. Academic rigor does not suit the nature of the true entreprenologist.

Professor Dr James R Omps, the founder The International University of Entreprenology was keenly aware of this as he was a successful serial entrepreneur before he became a Professor of Business Studies PhD in the 1960s. His original dissertation was based on his original research on entrepreneurs and studying the principles and unteachable skills that fueled their success. His work was not accepted to begin with as the academic rigor was so strict, his work was not even marked at his first submission as the Board of Adjunct Faculty did not review it until his tutor demanded their attention. He was awarded with the highest Honors and he never looked back. He explains:

Doctors of Philosophy PhD /ˈdäktər əv fəˈläsəfē/ - noun

noun: PhD

  1. a doctorate in any discipline except medicine, or sometimes theology.

  • a person holding a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

plural noun: Doctors of Philosophy; plural noun: DPhils; plural noun: PhDs

People also ask - What is the full meaning of PhD?

PhD is short for Doctor of Philosophy. This is an academic degree that, in most countries, qualifies the degree holder to teach their chosen subject at university level or to work in a specialized position in their chosen field.

The above conveys justification for appointing those who earn a post-graduate credential from the IUE to our Adjunct Faculty. When asked to deliver a presentation, course, or discourse in the sphere of their expertise, your credential is assessed through an entreprenological lens about how you combined your knowledge, experience, and imagination to achieve success. Entreprenology is cross-disciplines and you can be an entreprenological lawyer, dentist, doctor, finance specialist, builder, realtor, beauty specialist, fashion creator or any business that is fueled by the entreprenological mindset along with all the personal determination, creativity and implementation that makes the success possible.


IUE boldly steps out in this 21st century to recognize your work as a PHD in Entreprenology.

When one sees the credential PhD hanging on the wall, many will see what they believe to be validation of the highest level of expertise achievable in a subject, specialty, field, or discipline. That is no longer the case when it comes to Entreprenology. You earn a PHD.

In the discipline of Entreprenology, you are your master and are awarded a PHD Professional Higher Doctorate in Entreprenology. This is an earned professional certification offered exclusively by the IUE.

A PHD is a Certified Visioneer; a credential confirming that the holder has earned the recognition that comes not only with perceiving a beneficial vision of the future but also having the skills necessary to engineer that vision into reality.

Dr. James R. Omps, founder of the IUE and the creator of the discipline of Entreprenology, identified 4 Levels of Management in his TOP LEVEL SEMINARS in 1971/2. He clarified his thinking to an audience of already successful corporate CEOs to inspire them to expand their thinking and their businesses to greater success.

He shared that there are FOUR LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT

  1. Technical – Doing what we do (Supervisory)

  2. Operational – How are we doing (Middle Management)

  3. Institutional – What are we doing (Top Management)

  4. Entreprenological – What Should We Be Doing

Cake Metaphor: We know the ingredients but how do we put them together properly and in what proportions. Examples:

  • Coca Cola – what is the formula, and

  • KFC - 11 herbs and spices … but which ones?

Pat Goodman – Master Mechanic, Inventor, and Entreprenologist: “I taught you all you know about the process/product, but I didn’t teach you all I know about it.”

This concept aligns to the original ARTISAN SYSTEM

  1. Apprentice – BA or BS

  2. Tradesman – MBA or ME

  3. Journeyman – PhD

  4. Master - PHD

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