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International University of Entreprenology

Since entreprenologists are the catalytic agents of development, it is necessary in the light of the future acceleration of economic development to bring about the recognition of entreprenology as a discipline and to establish entreprenologists as professionals.

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The International University of Entreprenology (IUE) is a unique organization with a focus on expanding entrepreneurship and entreprenology. We offer credentials that are rooted in one’s first-hand, real-world experience, not based on the hours one spends in a library documenting the experience of others. Whether currently an employee looking to express your experiences in a credential that encompasses your expert subject knowledge and life accomplishments; or you are a successful entrepreneur with a vision that takes you forward to greater fulfillment and prosperity; IUE is the credential that is leading the education revolution in entrepreneurship today. This is a credential about your success in your expert field and is a PHD, a Professional Higher Doctorate, of Entreprenology.


The key to our rapid development of Entreprenology, with 50 years of history from our pioneering founder Dr James R Omps in 1972, is that it addresses real-world real-time issues. It lays down your path of success through your Living Dissertation. This experiential life credential is unique and timely in a world where academic studies have outgrown the demand of entrepreneurs who don’t need the theory books anymore. They make their own rules.


Our Founder knew this firsthand even 50 years ago as an early entrepreneur entering academia and renown for breaking the traditional business studies theories! If you choose to apply and successfully join into this doctoral program, you will read his discoveries at the first lecture he delivered to top businessmen in Taiwan at the forefront of The Miracle Years in Taiwan’s economic history.

Over 50 years IUE has faced challenges from academia, and we have always found evidence in our Alumni to effectively minimize the damage of “diploma mills” throughout the world. The primary objective of IUE is to create distance between the unique experiential approach of Entreprenology – “Combining Knowledge, Experience and Imagination” a living dissertation - and groups of opportunists that are ‘selling’ PhDs and plundering the various economies of every region for personal gain and nothing else. We build honorable principles and value creation philosophy into the overall system of IUE by clearly delineating our vision, mission, and objectives.

To accomplish this, it is critical that we define ourselves in terms that are easy to understand and make sense to the listener. To this end, we anticipate your questions and formulate easy-to-understand answers.

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Some Defining Moments In Our History


Research Leading to IIE Initiated Hyderabad, India


Entreprenology Introduced in Taipai, Taiwan


IIE Awarded Study Contract by USAID PRE/SMIE


IIE Officially Becomes IUE

The programs we do offer, however, have one thing in common - they were developed to meet the needs of current and/or future employers rather than employees. To this end, the programmatic focus is on the needs of the learner rather than those of the institution; the IUE does not key on the tradition of putting a purported expert in front of a classroom to impart his or her understanding of the theory of a subject … pitting their expertise and wisdom in rote fashion, against practical, real-world and real-time skills and understanding.

With the homogenization of higher education, in general, the IUE, from the outset, chose to differentiate itself from all other institutions of higher learning by clearly stating that the focus of all credentials programs is to fill the gap that has always existed in our education system … that of providing for the unique education needs of the employer.

Our distinction is, the IUE offers only those programs and courses with a clear focus on the major components of entrepreneurship and entreprenology. Entrepreneurship is the base upon which the discipline of the employer is built. Entreprenology - the concept originated and developed by Dr. James R. Omps and his colleagues, expands upon that base – takes it to a much higher level.

The result is a range of programs targeting, and effectively providing for, the education and training needs unique to those who create the clear majority of jobs … the employers. If the goal of the learner is to prepare himself or herself to become an employer, or if it is simply to learn to think and/or make important decisions from the employer’s perspective, then the values, programs, courses and options that spring from this dynamic discipline, are key to the creation, adoption or adaptation of the most critical proficiencies they will need … a functional understanding of value-creation, and the ability to either discover or develop an entreprenological mindset. They then learn to apply the core qualities to their professional and personal lives. The eventual outcome … success!

Our Core Values

Why Do We Do What We Do

Value Creation

Your learning experience starts with YOU and your natural talents.


What you must first understand, is that the Principles of Entreprenology are part of a living document that will be appended and/or changed as is necessary. 

We Work With the Very Best

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