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The discipline of entreprenology was created and developed by and through the IUE since 1972. It is the only institution in the world with the expertise and the experience to certify the credentials awarded to successful graduates of this university. That credential is the Professional Higher Doctorate PHD. 


This doctorate is a highly specific, experiential credential and is about your life and business achievements. In the more than 50 years since its conception by the founder, Professor Dr. James R. Omps (1921-2014), his vision was always to highlight the profession, business and/or life journey of those who followed their dream and creative ideas … not necessarily starting a small business, but rather starting a successful large business on a small scale. That requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and imagination such that it leads not only to success but to a doctorate in Entreprenology. 

Infrastructure and physical buildings of the average college and/or university has added unnecessarily to the cost of an academic PhD, and the prohibitive cost of higher education is now becoming a block to progress. Entreprenology is not academic, hence a PHD. Your enterprise success arrives not through the theory books and studious learning but through challenges, innovation and creativity mixed with perseverance and common sense. These are a few of the unteachable skills you leverage to reach your vision. 


You are leading your own business when you take on the role of an Entreprenologist. If you combine your creative juices and visionary dreams with the execution of business, and the ease at which technology puts thousands of libraries filled with every imaginable kind of book and literary work at your fingertips, laptop, or an iPhone, you can begin to see the truth of what we say. 


We welcome you to this unique approach and guide you through the PHD process on our platform here at IUE. 


Read more about the 4 levels of Management by our Founder 


  1. The discipline of Entreprenology was named by the wife of Dr. James R. Omps, one Maxine Omps, who also happened to be his PA during the research period beginning in India in 1964 while Dr. Omps was working with the Ford Foundation and the Small Industries Extension Training (SIET) institute which is currently the National Institute for Small Industries Extension Training (NISIET)

  2. The successful graduate may also opt to have a PhD as opposed to PHD if he/she prefers. The most obvious difference is, they are obligated to defend the preference as the IUE and the preponderance of successful graduates can depend upon the IUE certification of the PHD without the necessity to defend the small h as opposed to the capital H.

Step One - Application Form submitted along with a non-refundable $99 application fee.

Acceptance by IUE Advisory Board to proceed

Acceptance by IUE Advisory Board to proceed

Within 72 Business hours of your submission, you will receive an email with our decision. 

Step Two - Program Requirements 

  • Receive & pay tuition Invoice as  advised at your enrolment interview..

  • Complete Career Assessment Profile (CAP) 

  • Reading of Essential Entreprenology Materials "Original lecture Notes - The World's First Entreprenologist"

  • Submission of any relevant supporting documentation / Life Stories that support and express your achievements. i.e., Awards, Articles, Testimonials, certifications.

  • Access to periodic zoom meetings with IUE Professors on request for a period of 6-12 months.

  • Completion & submittal of Full Dissertation. (Your written or filmed/recorded Dissertation)




Protocol for the earning and/or awarding of our doctoral degrees from the IUE is rooted in maintaining a credible and unique approach without compromising the integrity of the institution or the candidate. To that end:

  • Credentials are earned through life experiences and continual successes over failures 

  • A credential is awarded only after a request is reviewed, evaluated, and approved.


As already mentioned, a credential can only be awarded once all requirement for that credential have been met, including payment of tuition and fees. More specifically:

An earned doctorate will be awarded when or upon:


A. Once your completed Career Assessment Profile (CAP) is submitted, evaluated, and approved. Upon completion & approval of your CAP you will be sent an approval email with directions to complete the following step you see below. You will also be prompted to create a login profile which you will have access to once you have been accepted on the program. After answering the CAP questions to the fullest detail about your life and business journey to date, you are invited to create your dissertation in full and with accompanying support materials:

I. All learning opportunities completed and/or participated in, regardless of format, e.g., class, course, seminar, online,       discussion group, publication, etc.

II. All personal, professional, or specialized ventures, Projects, endeavors, accomplishments, and achievements.

III. Payment of all tuition and fees submitted (Payment is to be completed by an invoice that will be sent in your   acceptance email) 

B. Your Doctoral Dissertation is submitted and approved (this may be written or recorded on video). 


We request that you read and engage with the materials posted to you on acceptance in the program. The Original Lecture Notes “The Story of the First Entreprenologist” is essential content to understand entreprenology from our founders’ viewpoint. A link to this document will be included in your acceptance email. We invite you to make this relevant to your success journey today and be able to reference key points to express your understanding within your submission.


Your Entreprenology Doctoral Dissertation, for the purposes of this program, is a current, in- depth self-evaluation of your life in business, and your professional, and/or career experiences recorded in your chosen format. Our expectation is that this portion of the program will be complete in 6 – 12 months. On request & approval, this may be extended to 18 months.




The completion of the DISSERTATION is exceptionally important because of the IUE’s need to understand, validate, and showcase with confidence, the candidate’s life, and career. Be it a small program, a major program, or simply a noteworthy experience, ensure everything of note is in the dissertation, be it professional or personal. 


At the heart of the IUE’s philosophy is the belief that everything counts. Every candidate is awarded credit for every and all learning experience that he/she has carried out.

Final Thoughts on Entreprenologist Versus Entrepreneur …

The more we review the use of the term entrepreneur and entrepreneurship today, the more we see actual confusion resulting from vague and/or ambiguous definitions. We have heard terms such as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, technopreneurs, women entrepreneurs, womenpreneurs, innopreneurs, leaderpreneurs, edupreneurs etc, this list is endless and grows longer every day!


We propose shifting the focus to ENTREPRENOLOGY - the art and science of generating success - as a disruptive innovation in entrepreneurial education. By so doing, we can develop a higher standard regarding realizing appropriate credentials that stand out among all other PhDs both generally and specifically.

The IUE offers a long-needed and well-received level of recognition for those who achieve success through their own actions as opposed to the status of the school they attend. In fact, increasing numbers of successful men and women have, for whatever reason, decided not to pursue a degree at any school, college, or university. We agree with their assessment whatever that might lead to of result from.

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