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Dr James (Jim) Omps

President, The International University of Entreprenology (IUE) Est 1972 Hawaii USA

International Speaker, Educator, Writer, Philosopher, Composer and Musician with an expert understanding of entrepreneurship and entreprenology, Dr James (known as Dr Jim) Omps, Professor of Entreprenology, is President of the International University of Entreprenology, Est Hawaii 1972. 

James spent more than 35 years working with the founder of the IUE founder, who also happens to be his late father, Dr James R. Omps. They worked together developing and fine-tuning the discipline of entreprenology. He is also the co-founder and chief strategist that was involved in the creation of the World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists (WAVE) in 1991. Actively working to take both organizations beyond the physical boundaries of the United States, he has travelled extensively in his bid to create greater visibility for the institution.

He is passionate about the experiences that successful entrepreneurs bring to our world and how - especially in a pandemic economy where business and life merge - these creative men and women are the ones creating a positive impact on the current global economic situation. 

With 40+ years’ experience in and with business across the globe, US, India, Malaysia, and Asia Pacific, he brings open-mind perspectives to the table for examination and understanding.  "Entrepreneurs and entreprenologists are men and women capable not only of revitalizing stagnant or shrinking economies … they are capable of designing new ways to bring life to work that the future will be a new experience for all."  

Entreprenology is the unique discipline of all entrepreneurs who grow value for humanity as well as wealth.  Dr Omps coined the motto is to "Bring Knowledge, Experience, and Imagination Together" as the differential IUE brings to the Experiential PhD, Executive Master, and First Level Start-Up Entreprenology programs. “To acknowledge the subject matter developed, each candidate that enrols for our Experiential PhD in Entreprenology to showcase evidence for their life's purpose, passion, and contribution (including all ups and downs!!) and how their creative intention to succeed is a continually evolving process”. All successful PhDs become adjunct faculty should they desire and so that their life experience adds to the learning for all students. 

International Speaker: “The Music of Entreprenology”

Bringing Knowledge, Experience and Imagination Together


  • Why 'knowledge experience and imagination' is more important than academic rigor and sitting in a classroom? What is the foundation (history) of this approach?

  • Why is this more important than ever today in pandemic times of change?

  • How does my passion of music relate to entreprenology and the energy of enterprise in a chaotic world? 



  • President, International University of Entreprenology (IUE) USA 

  • Chairman, Permanent Commission Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Development CSMED, for WUSME World Union of Small & Medium Enterprises

  • Director, World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists


Favourite Quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

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