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Dr. Josh Carpenter, PHD

CTO, Webmaster, & Professor at The International University of Entreprenology (IUE)

Meet Dr. Josh Carpenter, PHD AKA Josh - IUE Professor, Wix Partner, Webmaster, Social Media Developer, Technology Educator, Business Coach, Marketing Ninja, Public Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Practitioner, Humanitarian, Philosopher & Entreprenoligist! 

Josh's passion for technology & his entrepreneurial spirit was kindled during a memorable conversation with his mother at the age of 12, setting the stage for an inspiring trajectory. Josh's path unfolded through a series of diverse experiences, from his early work at Santa's Village and McDonald's during his formative high school years, to the challenging discipline of the United States Navy where he maintained the USS Mobile Bay's integrity and stood watch.

After his naval service, Josh ventured into customer service excellence at HSBC and Credit One. His professional journey continued through various roles in the timeshare and retail sectors, including ventures with Suncoast Motion Pictures, Starbucks, and Verizon Wireless. A turning point came with his battle against Crohn's Disease, reshaping his priorities and fueling his drive for impactful work.

Josh's academic pursuits culminated in a Business Administration degree, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2009, he founded SNM Consulting, specializing in social media marketing. Drawing from hands-on experience, engagement with Toastmasters International, and dedicated networking, he emerged as a sought-after Social Media Manager and Coach.

In 2011, Josh founded his second company called Impact Image Marketing. This marked a pivotal moment in his journey, as he transitioned his focus to encompass website development, design, business development, and marketing. Notably, Josh's experience was enriched during his first venture at Impact Image Marketing, where he served as a personal assistant to Aimmee Kodachian, an esteemed International Author & Speaker. This role contributed to his multifaceted skill set and understanding of the industry dynamics.

Transitioning to the Alternative Health & Wellness Industry, Josh embarked on a more introspective phase. His time at Luminosity Wellness Center allowed him to explore diverse healing modalities, catalyzing personal and professional growth.

Josh's journey led him to align his expertise with The Professional Institute of Technology in 2019, contributing to state-wide soft skills training while continuing to build his Wix Web Development Agency becoming a Certified Wix Designer & Partner. Collaborations with DETR Soft Skills Program, Luminosity Wellness Center, Andura, Inc., Service Tracking Systems, SFS Therapies, and The International University of Entreprenology exemplified his commitment to impactful projects.

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