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Dr. Pauline Crawford

Director at The International University of Entreprenology (IUE)

Dr. Crawford's career as an entreprenologist started over 30 years ago as a Designer and Originator of the Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) Map. Her visionary perspective has entered as new phase with the pandemic turning the world of work upside down. Her mission is to embed authentic harmony among leaders as a core principle for the best healthy mix of women and men co-creating new narratives and exploring opportunities for growth together. 

With more than 30 years’ experience working in the business sectors of the U.K., Europe, Asia, and the U.S., Dr. Pauline is Chief Visionary of the Corporate Heart International, President of WAVE, World Association of Visionary & Entreprenologists, President-Elect, Rotary Club of Global Impact, Chairperson, Permanent Commission for Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurs WUSME, World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises. She joined IUE in 2012 when she met and married Dr James A Omps, the President of IUE. 

An author and international speaker, Dr. Crawford has been able to introduce her unique concepts and programs to IUE and across different countries and cultures of the world, fostering a new leadership narrative that honors women as never before. She envisions a real-life synergy of the best learning practices from the past and humanity-oriented visualization of future for all-inclusive prosperity. 

The Conversation Changemaker, Gender Dynamics Authority, Internationally Certified Entreprenologist PhD, Magical Conversations Host, Dr. Pauline’s mission is to educate leaders in the benefits of understanding human nature and core behavior traits that influence conversations, relationships, and performance outcomes, impacting individuals and whole communities to flourish personally, professionally, and commercially. She collaborates with clients from all sectors and across the globe, bringing unique tools and techniques to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of why they are who they are. Now a resident of the US, Dr. Pauline is focused on entrepreneurs and corporates keen to create success through people with the objectives of real synergy, relational energy, and performance excellence. 

Her enterprise, Corporate Heart International, founded in 1999 in the UK, has expanded around the world with her travels. Dr. Pauline’s study of how business performance is impacted by relational pressures and human misunderstandings has given rise to her unique behavioral approach of ‘value creation’ to embed authentic harmony as a driver for sustainable profitable success. She has a vision of global happiness and harmony through the cooperation of women and men leading meaningful enterprises that are effective to people, planet, prosperity, and peace. 

With an additional role as G100 Global Chair for #PositiveMasculinity, and part of a global network of 100 #WomenLeaders, this has given her the opportunity to meet her audacious mission to enable conversations across genders to contribute positively to the empowerment and inclusion of all with a spirit of equality and harmony, mitigating violence and discrimination against girls and women worldwide. 

“As we open opportunities to young girls and boys to think for themselves, we find the source of creativity that is the essence of entreprenology unbounded by tradition. In these new digital generations - if allowed to use their imagination – we will discover the prosperity and attention that our planet needs as never before.”  Dr Pauline Crawford

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