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The Rise of The Entrepreneur

Rise of the Entrepreneur is an educational video about making the necessary mindset switch from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur in this day and age. At the end of the video, we begin to break down the cash flow quadrants and the fundamentals of an asset. We hope this video educates you on the reality we all face in our lives in this day and age. Watch the #1 film about network marketing. This film will open your mind on why Network Marketing is a better way than the traditional business model. Experts and global thought leaders share their views on what works best in today’s business world. Featuring experts Jordan Adler, Richard Bliss Brooke, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Kim Kiyosaki, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer, Bob Proctor, Susan Sly, Loren Slocum, Brian Tracy, Eric Worre, and many more!

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